Solar Energy is here to stay. The period of evolution is over and a quiet revolution is changing the way we think about Solar Energy. Today, the technology has become sophisticated and applicable just about anywhere – home, commercial, industrial and new applications are being tried out in all areas of human endeavor.

There are two types of solar rooftop system according to usage –

  1. Solar Grid – Tied System: This is a solution that helps you generate power for self-consumption while staying on the public power grid. Our system effectively produces energy from a Solar PV array [Panels] and syncs this power to the utility grid. Best suited for industrial and commercial establishments having peak consumption in daytime.


  1. Solar Off – Grid System: This is a solution that generates green power from a Solar PV array [Panels] and stores in our energy system for later use. It is not connected to the public power grid. Best suited for residential establishments having peak consumption in the night.


Blazing Energy Solutions provides complete EPC service (Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning) for your solar energy needs. From site surveys and feasibility reports to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we undertake turnkey projects across the life of the plant, ensuring our clients have all the resources they need for a bankable project.

We as a firm provide the following services required for setting up of a solar rooftop system –

  1. Site Inspection.
  2. Techno-Economic feasibility study.
  3. System Design.
  4. Structural & Electrical Design & Engineering.
  5. Civil Works.
  6. Procurement & Supply.
  7. Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Rooftop System.
  8. Liaisoning from govt. offices to get required approval for the solar rooftop system.
  9. Supply & installation of metering equipment.
  10. Plant Operation & Maintenance.

Why Blazing Energy Solutions?

We work diligently with the aim of maximizing the return on your investment. Use of high performance solar panels, hands-on team, financing assistance and our tendency of innovation assures you get the best.